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ING Night Marathon 2015,

Dear all,

I was looking at the MSF (Médecins sans Frontières) website to determine which country my next donation should go to. However, I was soon overwhelmed by the number of places in this world where people need our help. Syria, Yemen, Kenya, ... the list seems endless! Then I spotted the link to the solidarity run on the MSF website. "What a great idea" I thought! By joining up I can actually multiply donations several times over! This is also going to be my first full marathon (if I don't bust my knee before the end of May lol). The marathon is already paid for of course and all your money goes to MSF. I already chipped in 100 euros to get the ball rolling.

We are lucky, very lucky, to live in a rich and politically stable country. Perhaps not all of us are wealthy, but none of us are starving to death or lacking basic healthcare. Please support my effort to raise funds for those in need. Every euro, pound or dollar counts.

Donations are processed through Alvarum.

It is very easy and 100% secure.

Thanks so much for your help!

Romain Weber

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  • 31.05.2015: First marathon finished in 3:37:25 :-) Thank you all for your kind support!!! The fundraising is still open until 30.06.2015 ;-)

    Romain Weber - 5/31/15

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